Why MyECOPlanet Food Packaging & Containers


Safe for the environment


MyECOPlanet recognizes the problem of  environmental hazards and offers an alternative way to live a responsible life style. A life style which will help preserve our planet for future generations. MyECOPlanet wants to show you a convenient way to save the environment without compromising the quality of your life. We offer food packaging products made of plant-based ingredients that are petroleum and toxin-free. Our products are compostable and biodegradable and are safe for the environment and for your health!



Plant-based ingredients


Our products made from 100% plant-based ingredients only. Our plastic products made from PLA (corn-base plastic). Paper products made from bagasse (a by-product of the sugar refining process), recycled paper and traditional paper.


Petroleum-free plastic


We do not use petroleum plastic. Only corn-base PLA used  in manufacturing process of our plastic products. PLA is Polylactic acid a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources. 


Recycled paper products


All cup holders and cup carriers are made from 100% unbleached recycled paper.


Biodegradable what does it mean


It means complete consumption by micro-organism and return to compounds found in nature. Simply, if you throw 100% biodegradable product on the ground, it will degrade into natural compounds and be absorbed into the soil in 30-60 days.


No harsh chemicals. No artificial odor.


Our products are made without harsh chemicals. Only food-safe and FDA approved colors used to print logos on a product. BPA- and toxin-free. For you to enjoy the flavour of your meals, not chemicals. 







Our products are 100% compostable and will break down into soil within six to nine months in a home composting facility, and within three to six months in a commercial composting facilitiy (recommended). It won't  leave toxic residue and the compost can support plant growth.


Because we care!


With MyECOPlanet products you can enjoy your meal even more, knowing that through the process of composting, these products will return to soil, from which they came, and from which new life springs.